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            ICPS Israeli Combat Point Shooting

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On this three day Israeli Combat Point Shooting course the trainee will be presented with the best features used in the Israeli handgun combat system.

Learn how to shoot fast, safe and with deadly precision without the need of using sights.

This course will teach you step by step the methods taught to Police and Special Ops units in Israel and adopted by professionals worldwide.

Trainees will learn how to confront a threat, draw from concealment and fire - all in one second or less! Trainees will learn fundamentals of urban fighting; various concealed carry conditions, the secrets of good peripheral vision and employment of lethal option tactics against multiple threats, shooting with one and two hand and progressing to advanced close combat fighting techniques.


The ICPS method advantages

  • Simple and easy to learn and fully adaptable.
  • Enhances body mechanics and muscle memorization.
  • Prepares the trainee to deal with unexpected situations instinctively.
  • Very fast and useful techniques for CQB/C.
  • Trains the operator to work alone.
  • Elevates the fighting spirit.
  • Elevates self confidence with weapon handling.
  • Innovative and unique training methods.
  • Releases the operator of complex thinking under stress.

Course topics Includes

  • Firearms safety
  • Fundamentals of tactical shooting
  • Grip, Stance and draw.
  • Correct trigger control
  • Reloading
  • Ready gun positions
  • Rapid fire
  • Stage 1 & 2 malfunctions
  • Multiple shots
  • Barricade shooting (shooting from cover)
  • Closing range to the target - running and breaking methods.
  • Kneeling and prone shooting positions
  • One/Two- hand shooting

This training course is only available through our hosting program.

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