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On this three day course of Israeli Combat Point Shooting training, you will not only shoot with the weapon, you will be trained to effectively fight with it.

The Israeli Combat Point Shooting approach and its training techniques are as radically different from other combat shooting techniques; when success is based solely on the operator's actual performance. The ICPS have a distinct advantage of proving itself effective time after time, been tested on a daily basis it's probably one of the most combat proved systems. The effective principles of the system are based on the neutralization of the threat quickly and in the simplest most instinctive way possible.

Aggressiveness, decisiveness and speed are integral elements of this system; to this end proper mindset is stressed. Stress is a mandatory element introduced to this class, in order to expose trainees to pressure associated with actual events. This approach is geared towards deadly force confrontations when your life is in on the line rather then a shooting competition, where often skills required to compete simply fail under actual life event stress.

This course is a highly intensive structure which is designed to equip the trainee with the key fundamentals of tactical pistol shooting and covers the specific skills applicable to normal every day or hostile environment situations.

You will learn to become faster, focused, confident and accurate with the handgun in any high stress situation, whilst maintaining a high level of safety and situational awareness, overcoming obstacles and neutralizing threats effectively.


The ICPS method advantages

  • Simple and easy to learn and fully adaptable.
  • Enhances body mechanics and muscle memorization.
  • Prepares the trainee to deal with unexpected situations instinctively.
  • Very fast and useful techniques for CQB/C.
  • Trains the operator to work alone.
  • Elevates the fighting spirit.
  • Elevates self confidence with weapon handling.
  • Innovative and unique training methods.
  • Releases the operator of complex thinking under stress.

Course topics Includes

  • Firearms Safety
  • Recoil management
  • Rapid target acquisition
  • Multiple targets
  • Balancing speed and accuracy
  • Dynamics of gunfighting
  • Shoot /No shoot scenarios
  • Stress fire course

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