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On this five day course of ICPS tactical pistol operator, the trainee will be presented with the best features used in the Israeli handgun combat system.

The Israeli tactical Pistol operator course is built to include all features that are found in training of operators and units that are deployed in high risk zones.

This course is a high level training that will challenge you regardless of your previous training experience. It is very intense and designed for the ones that are fit, and have proven their skills with prior training.


The ICPS method advantages

  • Simple and easy to learn and fully adaptable.
  • Enhances body mechanics and muscle memorization.
  • Prepares the trainee to deal with unexpected situations instinctively.
  • Very fast and useful techniques for CQB/C.
  • Trains the operator to work alone.
  • Elevates the fighting spirit.
  • Elevates self confidence with weapon handling.
  • Innovative and unique training methods.
  • Releases the operator of complex thinking under stress.

Course topics Includes

  • Dynamics of physical confrontation
  • Judgment drills
  • Weak Hand Fire / Reloads
  • Barricade shooting
  • Obstacle shooting
  • Extreme close range fire
  • Failure to stop drills
  • Dynamic movement to cover
  • Shooting from difficult positions
  • Fighting from vehicles
  • Low Light drills
  • Clearing rooms/hallways
  • Firing In pairs
  • V.I.P. drills
  • Advanced tactical surprise scenarios

This training course is only available through our hosting program.

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