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            Police Tactical defense training  

Police defensive tactics are not the same as self-defense. The role of defensive tactics in law enforcement and corrections is to assist the officer in performance of arrest and restraint, and to increase the margin of safety for both the officer and the suspect.              

International Security Instructors have developed a comprehensive training program that transforms the Police Defensive Tactics curriculum into a fully operational tool, assisting Law Enforcement officers to better protect themselves on the job and survive deadly force encounters which are common to their line of work.  Developed by our training cadre of veteran Police and Military Instructors with hands-on experience in the field of arrest and control, self defense and High risk environments self protection. The PTD program is a direct result of their progressive research.

Our training methods teaches combat survival principles that work regardless of the threat and it's based on techniques that are
simple to learn and easy to remember. We use realistic training scenarios thatís based on actual case studies to
teach practical skills which works in the real world. 

Course topics Includes

         Use of force/ Resistance Matrix

         Subject Control Methods

         Advanced Combatives

         Gun Control and Retention

         Edged Weapon Offenses and Defenses

         Armed and Unarmed Officer Self Defense

         PR24 and ASP handling

         Take-down techniques

         Handcuffing/ Arresting techniques

         Come along techniques

         Pressure Point and Joint Manipulation

         Officer ground survival tactics

         High Risk operational preparedness

         Deadly force encounters - Survival tactics

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