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This training information is strictly geared toward law enforcement officers. Requests for information on law enforcement training courses require a form of employment verification.

While many courses on the issue of suicide terrorism and the global threat are offering a theoretical-based study approach presentations, our Instructors are teaching the hands-on approach for Law Enforcement officers, First responders, SWAT team members and Military personnel.  This training relies on the real need to understand and practice this extremely complicated issue in order to develop realistic approach based on previous experience of working models.  This course evaluates procedures, tests them realistically and gives definite answers to this complex threat.                                                                                  

The lead Instructor was a member of a special Counter Terrorism unit which was tasked to detect divert and arrest suicide bombers and their operational cells. He is one of the few people in the world that had arrested a "live" suicide bomber while the terrorist was strapped with his explosive belt on the way to commit the act.  The course is based on proven doctrines of countering suicide terrorism.    

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Due to the confidential nature of this training, specific training details have been left out.  For more information please contact our office.

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