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            ISI Team Surveillance operations training  

This training information is strictly geared toward law enforcement officers. Requests for information on law enforcement training courses require a form of employment verification.  

Surveillance/ Surveillance Detection course provides skill sets to recognize and identify surveillance operations, surveillance personnel, and method/ type of surveillance procedures for identifying, establishing and executing surveillance and counter surveillance operations.      

This course covers from basic to advanced procedures which are necessary for gathering evidence and intelligence by covert means whilst operating in surveillance teams. Skills are taught which are necessary for gathering Intelligence by covert means and to become a proficient surveillance operator.

Instructors teach how to carry out surveillance whilst on foot, in a vehicle and also from a static point. These skills are then put into practice by carrying out supervised surveillance exercises both mobile, on foot and by public transport. 

The training course is presented by former Government, Military and Police surveillance Instructors.   

Course topics Includes

         Operation planning (briefing , debriefing)

         Surveillance principles

         Night surveillance 

         Public transportation surveillance

         Covert video 

         GPS tracking

         Static surveillance 

         Advanced procedures

         Advanced foot and Mobile surveillance methods

         Counter surveillance - The threat of surveillance

         Recognizing surveillance teams 

         Covert/ Overt surveillance detection

         Practical surveillance / CS exercises

This training course is only available through our hosting program.

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