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The International Security Instructors team is comprised from professional operatives in the fields of Security and Counter Terrorism. Our specialists are veterans of the Israeli Security forces who have gained knowledge and combat experience during their years in the line of duty.

The ISI team provides quality services and instruction that are proven and effective. The group provides an array of consulting services, courses and training programs world wide.

Client satisfaction is our main business focus and our seasoned consultants are able to provide the results anywhere needed. We are always concerned with the confidentiality and integrity of information for our clients. Secrecy and security can mean the difference between the success and failure of a mission.

It is because of these specific needs we have developed the relationship for security and advanced work in many international locations. Through a network of experienced agents, our group is providing services in world wide locations.

The ISI team provides quality services and instruction with proven and effective record track. The team provides an array of consulting, courses and training programs.  

Our Programs

  • Close Quarter Battle and hand to hand combat 
  • Close Protection Training (Bodyguards)
  • High Risk Zone Security training (PSD)
  • Israeli Combat Point Shooting (ICPS) 
  • School Terrorism and Active Shooter Interdiction
  • Air crew security programs
  • Intelligence and terrorist detection
  • Surveillance - Counter surveillance training
  • Suicide terrorism countermeasures
  • Moblie force protection
  • Transportation interdiction (Bus/ Train)
  • Corporate Executive Personal Security
  • Custom tailored programs

Israeli Counter Terrorirsm Training for Law Enforcement and Military 

Israeli Counter Terrorirsm Training for Security

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